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For translations of the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) or the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) or other parts of the U.S.C. or corresponding Nordic laws (e.g. the Danish Administration of Justice Act), please contact us directly. We maintain a library of completely updated translations of various statutes - some cross-referenced with equivalent or corresponding passages in comparative laws.

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Hundreds of law firms, in-house counsel, general management and legal LSPs both in the United States and the Nordic countries have already relied on and benefited from our unique expertise within and focus on discovery cost avoidance and savings, witness preparation consulting and language-related services in both the corporate and litigation realms.

Over the past 16 years, our project experience has included the following fields:

Corporate: We are capable of handling projects of all sizes, from relatively simple contracts comprising no more than a few pages to financing documentation totaling thousands of pages. Documents that we handle on a regular basis include corporate correspondence, bylaws, minutes of meetings, annual reports, prospectuses, securities filings, merger and acquisition and joint venture agreements, and insurance policies.

Litigation: We have the capacity to review thousands of pages of case documentation. We are intimately familiarity with a wide range of e-discovery and litigation software packages and systems and can apply our particular linguistic expertise seamlessly. We routinely travel to law offices to help clients determine which information and search data they need to facilitate the discovery process, to avoid costs and to assess potential pitfalls related to particular discovery plans. In addition to review-related work, we also translate contracts, general discovery materials, pleadings, briefs, judgments and decrees on a regular basis.

Government Regulation: Corporations, litigators and fellow language services providers often call upon us to translate legislative texts, from EU directives implemented into local laws, to tax codes, import and export rules and health, safety and environmental regulations etc.

Non-Nordic Languages: We recognize that complex litigation often involves more than just the Nordic languages. On such projects we partner with Juriscribe®, a specialist legal language services firm in New York City committed to Tollund’s high standard of excellence.

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