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Practice - Interim Location

  • Interim Practice Location 92 Lakeshore Rd Boxford, MA, 01921 United States (map)


The Tritown fields are all flooded, so we will be practicing on a private field for now. You can drop off you kid or park by the barn. Don't forget to bring water and a ball.


Our warm-ups are going to be the same for every practice session and before matches.

Slow Jog: 1 full lap - 2x2 – everyone stays in a tight column within one arm’s length of the person in front. (Purpose is not to run fast or win or overtake the others.)
Sprint/Karaoke: 1 out to middle of field / Both sides back
High Kicks: 15 each leg (kick up and try to touch toe with straight legs)
Thigh Stretches: 5 each leg
Push-ups: 10 push-ups

Rondos: Groups of 7-8 (one-touch, monkey-in-the-middle)


Simple passing/receiving
Players pair up with a distance of 10, 25, 50 feet between them. This is all about controlling the speed and distance of the ball and to make it as easy for your counterpart to receive the ball.  Inside of foot! Keep it on the ground. One touch/stop, pass.

Pinging the ball is delivering the ball accurately, fast, over long distances (across field). That's all technique. 45-degree angle. There's a good video at

Half of players go on one side of goal, others on the other – team up in pairs
On one side, the players each get a ball and do a throw-in to their counterparts on the other side, who take down the ball with their chest or thigh.
Both stand-still and run-up throw-in (dragging foot).

Chipping ball
Keep positions on either side of goal
Lock ankle/point toes back
Contact under ball
Knee flick/not full leg
Control thigh
Ball of foot in ground/no follow-through
Back spin


Final 30 min. We have two full teams and we have a unique opportunity to play our positions for regular matches.

Later Event: April 2
Interim Location